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Sketch Book is an ultimate app for creating sketches & Drawing. Draw you favourite sketches as per your imagination. Now optimised for latest iOS 7. As the name implies, It creates sketches for you. 

Features : 
• Great User Interface with stylish look. 
• Universal Support for iPhone,iPad & iPod. 
• Full screen work space with support for any device orientation 
• Full multi-touch support 
• Tools such as : 

- Pen. 
- Brush 
- Bucket 
- Line 
- Text 
- Rectangle 
- Ellipse 
- Eraser 

• Individual tool settings such as : 

- Primary color 
- Secondary color 
- Line width 
- Transparency 
- Font size 

• Color Editor & Color Picker 
• Tap-hold customizable Color palette 
• Importing photos from the photo album 
• Multi-level undo and redo operations 
• Layers with individual levels of transparency 
• Sharing via : 

- Email 
- Twitter 
- Camera Roll and more 

• Added a bucket tool 
• Added a paint brush tool with multiple patterns 
• Show individual drawing titles on the initial screen 
• Show the name of the current drawing tool on the iPad 
• Added new settings 
• Improved alignment of controls on the iPhone 5S/5C 
• Local storage & save on Photo Album 

Sketch Book has the Advanced tools that can be used in : 

- For Drawing artists & Professionals. 
- Application for kids 
- Application for calligraphy 
- Application to learn drawing 
- Notepad application 
- Sketching 

Sketch Book features a unique interface for both iPhone and iPad, making the best use of space on either device. 
* A must Buy kind of a product. Every apple device must have this app.